Tips For Safe Bike Riding

October 5, 2013

Bicycle Accidents

bike safety tipsBicycles are present on many roadways across the nation. Unfortunately, riding on roadways can be dangerous, especially if cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road. To ensure your safety on a bike, read the bike safety tips listed below:

Do not ride against traffic:

Many times motorists will not notice cyclists on the wrong side of the road. Therefore, it is imperative for cyclists to obey the traffic laws and ride on the correct side of the road.

Obey road signs and signs:

Just like any other vehicle on the road, cyclists must obey the common traffic signals and signs.

Do not pass on the right:

Often, motorists will not see cyclists who are attempting to pass on the right. It is wise to avoid passing on this side.

Keep the road visible:

You should look behind you on a regular basis. To make this easier, many cyclists invest in a rear-view mirror.

Never ride with headphones:

It is very important to hear what is going on around you. Therefore, it is crucial for you to avoid wearing headphones.

Use lights at night:

When riding at night, it is important to make sure you are visible to motorists. This can be accomplished by using a rear reflector, taillight or a headlight.

Watch out for roads hazards:

Keep an eye out for gravel, ice, sand, debris or sewer grates as you ride your bicycle. These objects can become obstacles and lead to an accident if you are not aware of their presence.

Make eye contact:

Never assume a driver sees you unless you make eye contact with them.

In slower traffic, move to the middle:

When traffic slows and you are moving at the same speed as the traffic, move into the middle of the lane.

Maintain your bike:

Always make sure your bike is in good repair, meaning the brakes and tires are in good condition. Also make sure your bike is adjusted to fit you properly.

Other safety tips include wearing a helmet at all times, dressing for the weather, using hand signals and keeping both hands on your handlebars.

You May Need Help from a Personal Injury Attorney

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