Non-Profit Aims to Create Guideline for Vehicle Pet Safety Harnesses

November 21, 2013

Car Accidents

guidelines for pet harnessesNot many people consider their pets to be projectiles capable of seriously injuring them. Sure, they might knock them down while licking their faces, but that’s about it.

Recent data, however, indicates that pets riding in cars without a pet safety harness seat belt can become life-threatening missiles in a crash. Not only can a pet hurt someone else, but it can also get badly hurt or killed in a crash.

There are No Standards for Pet Restraints in the United States

Because of this shortcoming, Subaru of America, Inc. has joined with the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) in conducting crash tests with dog-shaped crash dummies similar to bipedal dummies. Additionally, the CPS is striving to have pet harness standards enacted later this year.

Subaru of America, Inc.’s communications director said that pet safety is a top concern, both of the company and of the 50 percent of Subaru drivers who are dog owners.

What is the Hard Data?

Combining forces with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, both the car maker and the pet advocacy group conducted rigorously controlled crash tests using the dog-shaped crash dummies. They used models that simulated a terrier, a collie, and a Labrador retriever. The data indicates that of all of the commonly available pet harnesses, only one was up to the task. Aside from that one, all the other tested harnesses had serious defects.

What’s Next?

The three participating entities that conducted the study will submit all of the data as the basis for both new legislation and a new industry standard. The CEO of CPS recently stated that she, along with many other pet owners, consider pets to be members of the family deserving of the same protection in vehicle crashes as two-legged family members.

You May Need Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

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