Vehicle Malfunctions Can be Responsible for Car Accidents with Tragic Consequences

November 22, 2013

Car Accidents

vehicle malfunctionsIt’s a nightmare that all too many drivers experienced, you’re driving along at highway speeds and the brakes fail, the accelerator sticks, or both. These are only two of the dozens, if not hundreds, of vehicle malfunctions that can befall motorists.

What Can Happen?

Besides faulty pedal-driven systems, a wide variety of vehicle malfunctions can threaten a driver’s safety. Rusted lug nuts can snap and send tires careening down the highway, speeding vehicles can throw rocks backwards into unsuspecting others, and belts, bumpers and hoods can fly off of cars and trucks at almost any time.

Tragic Precedents

In one such particularly deadly instance, a pickup truck threw its drive shaft. The part bounced off one car and through the passenger-side windshield of another, killing the passenger in the second car. Highway Patrol officers called it a “very unfortunate” accident, but also indicated that no charges, other than a driving citation for the pickup driver, were filed.

The most frightening part of an accident such as this is that other drivers can do nothing to avoid it. At highway speeds, a car travels the length of a football field every 3 1/2 seconds. There simply isn’t time for a driver to identify the danger correctly and safely swerve out of the way of an incoming projectile or other obstruction.

How Do We Prevent This?

Drivers of all vehicles should take special care in maintaining the safety of their vehicles. They should respect existing laws regarding both vehicle safety and state-mandated inspections. Most importantly, they should not drive any unsafe vehicle, no matter how short the trip.

Law enforcement and state inspectors must both be vigilant against unsafe vehicles. Their dedication to this problem will go a long way toward stopping drivers from putting others in danger.

What Can Be Done if You’ve Been Hurt?

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed through an accident caused by a vehicle malfunction that is someone else’s fault, a car accident lawyer serving Brandon might be able to help. Abrahamson & Uiterwyk stand ready to pursue the justice you deserve, so call us at 1-800-753-5203 today for a free initial consultation.