Workers’ Compensation: Retraining and Vocational Rehabilitation

October 1, 2013


workers compensationWhat happens when an on the job injury means you can no longer do the job you are trained to do? What happens when a work related injury means you can no longer earn income at the pre-injury levels?

Retraining and vocational rehabilitation may not be covered under the workers’ compensation laws in many states.

A person may obtain rehabilitation and training from other sources in those states, but not through workers’ compensation insurance. Florida is one of the states where workers’ compensation insurance will cover these expenses.

Workers’ Compensation

While there are differences in each state’s laws, workers’ compensation works to protect employers, injured employees and co-workers. Workers’ compensation is insurance that the employer pays for to replace wages and provide medical benefits to employees injured on the job.

Reimbursement can be received for medical expenses, lost wages, and death benefits. Many workers’ compensation plans do not include pain-and-suffering or punitive damages against the employer.

Workers’ Compensation in Florida

The Florida Department of Financial Services reported 53,024 workers’ compensation claims for 2012. Florida requires that the injury must be reported no later than 30 days after the occurrence or the claim may be denied. The injured employee cannot receive unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation at the same time.

After an injury, Florida workers may not be able return to the work they were doing. The state of Florida provides reemployment services at no cost to the employee under Section 440.491.

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