How Does Premises Liability Apply to the Average Homeowner?

How Does Premises Liability Apply to the Average Homeowner?

homeowner premises liabilityA person entering property owned by another with the owner’s permission should be able to expect it to be safe.

However, not everyone is able to pursue a premises liability lawsuit simply because they were injured on someone else’s property

By invitation only

A person who receives an invitation from the property owner/resident is an invitee. This visitor has the right to assume the property will be safe to enter. The property owner/resident may become liable for any injury to an invitee.

The cold or social call

Someone who enters a property for social or business purposes and was not been personally invited by the property owner/resident is a licensee. Visitors of this category have entered the property for their own purpose and are there at the consent of the owner/resident. The property owner/resident may be liable for any injury a licensee incurs.


A trespasser is someone who enters a property without any right to do so. An injury incurred by a trespasser may not be the responsibility of the property owner/resident.


All property owners/residents are assumed to bear responsibility for injuries to a visitor.

However, the circumstances exist wherein the injured person may be partially at fault for their own injury. Just as the property owner/resident is responsible to keep the premises safe, a guest also has a duty to exercise reasonable care for their own safety.

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Determining premises liability for the average homeowner must take into consideration a number of factors. In order to obtain more information with regard to premises liability, Florida residents may wish to contact a Clearwater injury lawyer. Call the law offices of Abrahamson & Uiterwyk for a free initial consultation and case evaluation at 1-800-753-5203.

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