5 Toy Safety Tips to Consider This Holiday Season

5 Toy Safety Tips to Consider This Holiday Season

toy safety warningAn often overlooked but important element of buying holiday gifts for children is toy safety.

An estimated 181,500 children were treated in emergency rooms due to toy related injuries in 2010. Many of these injuries were caused by dangerous toys or toys that were inappropriate for a child’s age.

By using good judgment and following the toy safety tips below, you can find toys that are appropriate gifts for the children in your life.

  • By age appropriate toys: Pay attention to age recommendations listed on the outside of toy boxes. These guidelines often inform shoppers of the age range that a given toy has been designed for. For example, a toy with many small parts would likely have an age recommendation of 8 or greater to reduce the risk of choking.
  • Check for possible strangulation hazards: Another aspect to consider when buying a toy for a child is strangulation hazards. This can come in the form of a rope, string, cord or drawstring. It is best to avoid toys with these elements, especially for small children.
  • Sign up for toy recalls: After purchasing some toys, it is a good idea to register the toy and sign up for recalls. This will inform the buyer of any problems regarding safety issues the toy might have and allow them the chance to replace or repair the toy.
  • Don’t’ forget safety accessories: A bike, scooter, skateboard, skates or go-cart are fun gifts to give children. However, it is important to remember safety accessories such as helmets and knee and elbow pads when buying this type of toy.
  • Follow instructions: It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for toy construction as closely as possible. After all, the instructions are there for a reason and following them closely during construction of a toy can help ensure the toy is as safe as possible.

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