What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Brandon

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Brandon

what to do after bicycle accidentWhile no one expects to be involved in a crash while they’re riding their bikes around Brandon, knowing what to do after a bicycle accident can play a key role in protecting your rights. Below we discuss some basic steps for handling a bike accident safely and appropriately.

Determine if anyone needs medical assistance

The first step in handling a bicycle accident is determining if anyone has been seriously hurt. Call for emergency assistance if needed.

Call the authorities

Consider notifying the police in the event of a bicycle accident even if the incident seems minor at the time. Remember, individuals who seem cooperative and truthful at the scene of an accident may behave otherwise afterwards. In the event that it turns out that a serious injury has taken place, having an accurate police report on hand could be very important.

Obtain critical information

Be sure to obtain the necessary information from anyone who played a role in the accident. If there are any eye witnesses, obtain their names and contact information before they leave the scene. Information that you should obtain from the driver may include his or her name, address, phone number, license plate number and driver’s insurance information.

Avoid admitting fault

Much like handling the scene of a car accident, you should avoid admitting fault after a bicycle accident even if you believe you may have been partially to blame. Likewise, avoid minimizing damage to your bicycle or any injuries you may have sustained.

Document the accident

Your recollection of the circumstances surrounding your accident will be probably be clearest shortly after the accident took place. Take advantage of this window of time by documenting the details of the incident to the best of your ability. If possible, take pictures or video of the scene and try to capture any factors that may have had an influence on the event.

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