Vehicle Malfunctions Can be Responsible for Car Accidents with Tragic Consequences

It’s a nightmare that all too many drivers experienced, you’re driving along at highway speeds and the brakes fail, the accelerator sticks, or both. These are only two of the dozens, if not hundreds, of vehicle malfunctions that can befall motorists. What Can Happen? Besides faulty pedal-driven systems, a wide variety of vehicle malfunctions can […]

Non-Profit Aims to Create Guideline for Vehicle Pet Safety Harnesses

Not many people consider their pets to be projectiles capable of seriously injuring them. Sure, they might knock them down while licking their faces, but that’s about it. Recent data, however, indicates that pets riding in cars without a pet safety harness seat belt can become life-threatening missiles in a crash. Not only can a […]

Are You Making this Common Child Car Seat Safety Mistake?

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection stated that the leading cause of death for American children in 2006 was motor vehicle accidents. This statistic still holds true today as the current leading cause of childhood death in America remains auto accidents. What can parents do to prevent a child’s death in an accident? While […]

Tips For Safe Bike Riding

Bicycles are present on many roadways across the nation. Unfortunately, riding on roadways can be dangerous, especially if cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road. To ensure your safety on a bike, read the bike safety tips listed below: Do not ride against traffic: Many times motorists will not notice cyclists on the wrong […]

Serious Brain Infection Results from Multiple Sclerosis Drug

Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) is a condition that damages brain tissue. The virus that causes PML is the John Cunningham virus (JCV) that is present in most people but suppressed by the immune system. Lawsuits have been filed against makers of the multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri alleging inadequate warning of a side effect that increased […]

Workers’ Compensation: Retraining and Vocational Rehabilitation

What happens when an on the job injury means you can no longer do the job you are trained to do? What happens when a work related injury means you can no longer earn income at the pre-injury levels? Retraining and vocational rehabilitation may not be covered under the workers’ compensation laws in many states. […]

Deter Teenage Distracted Driving with Smartphone Apps like LifeSaver

A new app is hoping to put a dent in teenage distracted driving accidents. The app is called LifeSaver and is made by a company called Life Apps LLC. Statistics Regarding Distracted Driving According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 3,300 individuals were killed in 2011 due to distracted driving. An Ad […]

Common Causes of Car Accident Injuries

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reported in 2011 there were 29,757 fatal traffic incidents. Traffic accidents often cause injury that can be serious. The causes of car accident injuries can be broken down into six basic categories. Unsafe driving practices The safest thing to do when encountering a dangerous driver is to stay […]

Robotic Surgery Safety and Potential Medical Malpractice Risks

The explosion of technological advances has enhanced lifestyle in a number of ways. The practice of medicine is no different. Robotic surgery has developed from imaginative science fiction to reality. The benefits of using robots as an aid to surgeons include the following: A minimally invasive procedure Fewer surgical complications Shorter surgery and recovery times […]

Back-to-School Safety: How to Pass a School Bus Safely

According to the Florida Department of Education, more than 21,000 drivers illegally pass school buses every day. Bus drivers may be exposed to unsafe conditions while driving Florida children around due to individuals who violate passing laws. Every time that a driver chooses to violate the law it makes it more likely that a tragic […]